I understand and accept that by proceeding I will be bound by The Next Sky's Terms and Conditions, Disclaimers, Membership and Policy documents in full. Please note that The Next Sky is a Private Membership Association for members only. This means that privacy is considered to be foremost. In addition, no contract or agreement is entered with any party who is not a member. In other words, if you proceed to participate in any of our facilities, products or services in any way whatsoever, you are automatically adopting limited membership for the duration of your participation only, and as such, you will be subject to, and bound by all of The Next Sky’s Terms, Conditions, Rules, Disclaimers, etc. in full. The scope of your membership and participation will always be limited to the product or service that you have opted in to. As stated above The next Sky is a Private Membership Association which means that all business or interactions with you will be conducted in the Private Domain and subject to the rules of the The Next Sky’s Private Domain. Any rules or laws outside of the private domain and this agreement are not part of this agreement and as such are of none effect within the Private Domain in which any and all business between you and The Next Sky will take place. By proceeding you are indicating that you have read the above and that you have accepted all of The Next Sky's terms and conditions in full, and as fair and binding upon you in every way. This includes the automatic assignment of membership of The Next Sky Private Membership Association as described in our policy documents, founding documents, and membership agreements. Please note that (as a condition of membership), the only recourse to settle unresolved disputes is through a tribunal elected internally at the sole discretion of The Next Sky. If any other The Next Sky's clauses or Terms or Conditions is not acceptable to you in full, you do not have permission to proceed. There are no exceptions. If you accept and agree in full, you may proceed to the next step.